Monday, June 30, 2008

Controlling edema and shopping

Well, it looks like my compression wrapping will begin next week for both of my legs. I have had it done before(long story) and I am rather looking forward to it. It isn't painful and keeps my calves and feet warm.I love the massages too. I keep the AC on in my house cause it is just too dang hot outside. Only thing is, I will have to shower for 5 days at the office where the wrapping is done. Its ok its cool because it is a private shower. I had to buy my own wrappings though and those are kinda expensive. Thank God for shopping on line for those!Speaking of shopping, I had to go grocery shopping tonight-and at Wallyworld, no less. I hate shopping. I hate having to wait in long lines. A few weeks ago, I had my annual pap smear done and my dr thinks he found some endometrial cells somewhere. So on July 1st, I go in for a sonogram. Fun! I get to do the drink tons of water in an hour and you cannot go to the bathroom until after the sonogram is done game. Oh well. I guess I just gotta do it and get it over with! I am happy that Independence Day will be here soon, and I am going to my folk's place for an after work celebration. Best of all, I get to have not only my best dog, Heidi with me, but I get Zorn as well.!

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