Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sorry it has been a while

Been awhile since my last blog post I know. Didn't mean to be away for so long. A lot has happened since I last posted here, the main thing that is going on is that it looks like I am going to have the bariatric surgery after all. I have contacted a clinic here in Topeka that will do the surgery and I have a choice between two kinds. One kind of surgery is called the Gastric Bypass. This surgery involves cutting the stomach, and from there I cannot describe it because there are so many details and such. The cost is somewhere around 20 thousand or 30 thousand. The other choice is called the Lap band which is what I would choose( if given a choice LOL) because the recuperation time is shorter, does not leave as much scarring, less costly(around 14 grand) and I think would be less stress on me. I am going in for a free consultation on December 8th of this year. God, I am scared of this surgery, but I am more scared of what will happen if I don't have this surgery.I have never done anything like this before and I don't have a very high tolerance for pain. Except for having a tiny one in my finger, I have never even had an IV inserted in my life. That alone scares me. Well it helps me if I talk about it, talk to others who have had the surgery, and everyone that I have talked to has been successful with it and have had great results.

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