Monday, February 23, 2009


Zucker and Honig had a huge fight yesterday. About 4 pm I went up to the closed work and let them out of the cage to feed them. Four dogs. Well, two of the males were supposed to go home with me. Didn't happen because the remaining 2 females, Zucker and Honig got into a fight. I think it was Zucker who kind of started it. She is a bit of a biotch and snaps at the other dogs sometimes. Well, as I was starting to leave, Honig decided that she was not going to take it any more and started snapping back at Zucker. Zucker then really laid into her, and the fight was on. It took a major exhaustive effort on my partr to break them up and Zucker , who was losing the fight with Honig on top of her. I kept trying to grab ahold of them pull them apart , and got Zucker , the more injured dog out the gate and into my car. I switched Zucker for Goober(aka Zorn) and there was quite a bit of blood. I have a minor wound on my finger. I would have used water to blankets to break the two bitches up, but I had none available. After my screaming and getting Zucker in the car and the boy out, I called the animal hospital and told them that I would be on the way. When i got there, the vet tech was so nice, very professional. Well, Zucker got out of surgery at about 9 or 10 pm and seems that she had a very nasty puncture wound that had to be cleaned and stitched up. Now she is taking antibiotics. Damn I was so pissed, so fucking pissed that I shook nearly all of last night and could not sleep. Now, I have a 600 dollar vet bill. Well, the company does. They will reimburse me. Maybe what happened is my fault. But hey fucking bitches need to stop when I yell STOP.

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