Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain and moving selling this old house

On John McCain:I cannot count him out here. I will not declare anyone a winner until November 4th. Regardless of who wins, I will be optimistic. I hope that Obama does not win. I swear to God almighty that I think the man is a Socialist, who hangs around with questionable people. I just flat out don't like his politics. But should he win, I won't blame everything that goes wrong on him. I will criticize him... I will criticize anyone who holds public office.. and I didn't like Clinton, but I prospered under his administration, I will prosper regardless of who is in high office Now, on to another subject. I believe that I have stated here somewhere that I will never move from my cute as pie little home. Well, I am kind of sorry to say that I was wrong. In about 5 years I plan to move to a bigger home. My little neighborhood will likely start going downhill in about that time. I hope that I can sell my cute little home for a fair price. I get excited thinking about it, and even check out some real estate websites.. and I am looking at mortgages, and saving my money for a good size down payment. But I have a few years yet, guess that I shouldn't get too ahead of myself...

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