Sunday, May 11, 2008

मोठेर्स डे!

Why do my post headings keep coming up in Arabic?(at least I think it is Arabic, I am not sure) Anyway, I had the weekend off this weekend. Rare for even to take one day off for me! Anyway, my house is coming along swimmingly. It fact I would say that it is down right beautiful and read for some magazine covers!I still have to finish painting the guest bedroom and the bathroom. Both will be done in a beautiful pearl yellow, to brighten things up a bit. The Master bed room and the kitchen and the living room are painted in a pearl green. Pretty!. I am enjoying falling asleep to tv in my bedroom. My computer will be moved into the guest bedroom when that bedroom is finished. I e-mailed Dennis last night and he e-mailed back. He and I are ready for another get togethers, HAHAHA. That guy is HOT, and he is ::ahem:; a big guy(if you catch my drift, LOL) and I am going to be happy to show him my remodeled home.. among other things

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