Monday, September 03, 2007

Visa blew me off

Well, I for one got pissed at my credit card company and switched to another one. The first credit card company-I will say it here- VISA. Ok, waaay back in the mid of July of this year, I sent a letter disputing a charge on my card. I got a standard'we are researching this' response letter in return. Well, a month goes by, I get my new bill and the disputed charges are still on there, so I send another letter. I get the same standard blow off letter in return saying that they will neeed to investigate. Ok another 2 weeks goes by. I call the card comapny and they have the nerve to tell me that no one is working on my case and that I need to call the company that I bought the item from( the company that I bought the item from) when I told them in the first letter that I could not contact the company that I bought the item from! Apparently they have chosen to blow me off, so that is what I am doing to them. I had my balance transferred to Discover.

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