Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I finally have my camera figured out, and just when I get some pics down loaded to my computer, I cannot seem to get them added here. I can however send them in an attachement via email. So if you want a picture of my sweet baby Zorn, just ask and I will email it to you. Yesterday, he had to stay in a pen with one of the big dogs because if he came into the office, he would just make a mess of things and possibly get hurt because of all of the electrical cords. I let him out often and he just fluttered around my feet he was so excited to be with me.When I put him back in the pen he would whine and cry so loud. Poor guy. He has to get used to it though. He stayed home with mom and dad to day though. Thank GOD. One of the guys that I work with just discovered that he has gout, and does not need to listen to the whining and wailing from the lil guy.Zorn has a great big yard that he plays in when he stays at home with his mom and dad. He is already one spoiled little guy.

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