Sunday, November 12, 2006

Property Taxes

I just recieved in the mail my property tax statement for this coming December and for this coming May. In Kansas, the first half of property taxes is due by December 20th of this year. Lets say that your property taxes total 3 thousand dollars. Fifteen hundred is due on or by December 20th 2006 and fifteen hundred is due by May 10th, 2007. You can also choose to pay the entire amount of three thousand on or by December 20th 2006. Got it? Ok. When your statement is mailed to you, the county that you reside in, or the county that you have your business in, gives you a breakdown of how much money that you have paid in property taxes, how much you spent( for instance, you paid the county library 250 dollars in taxes) and will compare what you paid this year to what you paid last year. It is very convenient, and easy to understand. Looking at my statement, I see that my property taxes have slightly increased, by about 60 or 70 dollars. I won't tell you how much I owe, but I will say this: I have known people that have had to pay more. I hate paying taxes, but it has to be done. The government needs me. Rather, the government needs my money! I guess that paying taxes is a price to pay for living in the good ole US of A. And I am forever learning: I finally learned(shoot it is on the back of my statement!) what a mill levy is!

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